Mayet is proud to welcome a new Advisor and team member into the fold

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Published: 2024/01/15 By: Tom Lazenby

Chris Shepherd on joining Mayet as an Advisor:

“I am very excited to have been approached by Mayet to join as an advisor. Mayet has recognised a market need for an integrated software tool tailored to the biopharma industry. This tool will consolidate quality and performance KPIs, audits, risks, and various issues from multiple therapy area projects and vendors. It aims to create a comprehensive view of quality and risk, offering project teams real-time data to effectively manage vendor and project oversight.”

Chris Shepherd is an esteemed consultant specialising in pharmaceutical quality. With a distinguished career that includes serving as the Vice President and Head of R&D Quality at GSK, he brings over 30 years of experience in medicines and vaccines development. His expertise spans across various domains, including quality assurance, corporate audit, and clinical research.

In 2020, Chris was honoured with an Honorary Life Fellowship by the Research Quality Assurance Association (RQA) in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of quality. He is a recognised figure at RQA, having lectured on numerous courses and played a pivotal role in establishing the RQA Masters course in quality.

Additionally, he has been a longstanding member of both the Education & Training and GCP Committees, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in pharmaceutical quality.

Chris on industry challenges:

“Effective vendor risk management and oversight present significant challenges for pharmaceutical and biotech organisations, based on my experience.

Creating a single, real-time view of a vendor’s quality and risk status, as well as that of development projects, is crucial for an organisation to gain a holistic understanding of performance.

Without this, risks may go undetected for an extended period, only becoming apparent when they escalate to urgent problems. This delay often leads to costly delays, rework, and regulatory findings.”

What Chris brings to Mayet

As an advisor to Mayet, Chris will bring a wealth of expertise and insights, contributing significantly to the company’s success. His role will encompass:

  1. Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance Expertise: Chris brings a nuanced understanding of product feature compliance, aligning with industry requirements. His deep knowledge in quality management systems, including QMS design and implementation, ensures that Mayet’s products adhere to the highest standards.
  2. Organisational Leadership and Capability Development: With extensive leadership experience, Chris is adept at organisational guidance. His skills in leading major redesign projects and crisis management will be pivotal in strengthening Mayet’s organisational structure and capabilities.
  3. Enhanced Product Development through Applied Knowledge:
    a) Leveraging his practical application of GCP, GPVP, GLP, and Good Research Practice regulations, Chris will apply his comprehensive knowledge to develop superior products for Mayet, ensuring global regulatory compliance.
    b) Simplifying complex processes and implementing efficient quality systems. This includes expertise in quality data analytics and document management systems, essential for streamlined operations at Mayet.
  4. Mentorship and Industry Best Practices Network: As a mentor, Chris offers leadership and guidance, drawing from his extensive network of senior quality professionals across major biopharmaceutical companies. This network provides Mayet with access to industry best practices and innovative strategies.

Chris’s diverse skill set and deep industry knowledge position him as an invaluable asset to Mayet, poised to drive innovation and excellence within the company.

Tom Lazenby

Tom is the Founder and CEO of Mayet. Using his experience in streamlining operations and driving innovation in clinical research, Tom is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation strategies for vendor management and oversight.

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