About Mayet

Our Story

Mayet was founded by Tom Lazenby, an experienced clinical trials professional with a decade of experience in Clinical Trials Operations and Quality Assurance, who experienced first-hand the need for improving vendor management and oversight procedures.

He recognised that the lack of a streamlined process combined with suboptimal vendor oversight resulted in vendor non-compliance and continual quality issues.

These quality issues sometimes directly impacted patients or the quality of trial outputs, which could ultimately affect future patient care.

Tom saw the need for a solution that could address these issues and improve the overall quality and delivery of clinical trials, leading to the creation of Mayet.

Mayet Team

To help him build the new software solution, Tom has partnered with experienced software entrepreneurs Dejan Murko and Neyts Zupan, who have been in the software business for over 15 years.


Relentless innovation and excellence to deliver the most advanced and up-to-date vendor management and oversight software for clinical trials.


Leadership Team

  • Tom Lazenby

    Tom Lazenby

    Founder & CEO

    Tom has spent over a decade in Clinical Trials Operations and Quality Assurance and has experienced the impact that suboptimal vendor oversight and vendor non-compliance can have on the quality of clinical trials.

    Mayet is the solution to fix this.

  • Neyts Zupan

    Neyts Zupan

    Co-Founder & Tech Lead

    Neyts has extensive experience in complex software development. He regularly speaks at IT conferences, runs a local Python meetup and organizes international Linux hackathons.

    Neyts enjoys time with his family and surfing.

  • Dejan Murko

    Dejan Murko

    Co-Founder & Product Lead

    Dejan has helped build more than 10 software projects before Mayet, altogether serving more than 10,000 customers.

    Dejan enjoys food, travel, and racing cars.


  • Chris Shepherd

    Chris Shepherd

    With over 30 years in medicines and vaccines development, Chris Shepherd is a distinguished Pharmaceutical Quality Consultant and former VP of R&D Quality at GSK.

    His expertise in quality assurance, corporate audit, and clinical research, honed across various industry roles, makes him a vital force in driving our commitment to quality and innovation in the life science software sector.

  • Jo Burmester

    Jo Burmester

    Jo is an accomplished Clinical Research Training Consultant with over three decades of experience in the Clinical Trials Sector.

    Jo's expertise and diverse experience in the pharmaceutical industry (including roles at Glaxo, Lederle, Wellcome, and Quintiles) make her an invaluable asset in enhancing our commitment to quality, compliance, and innovation within the clinical trials sector.


We embrace innovation as a means of continually improving our products and services.
Collaboration is key to achieving our goals and delivering high-quality results to our clients.
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and take responsibility for the outcomes of our work.
We embrace agility and adaptability to respond quickly to changes in the market and our clients' needs.
We believe that showing respect to our clients, partners, and employees is essential to building a positive work environment.

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