Transform Your Clinical Trial Vendor Management with Mayet

In the evolving landscape of vendor management in clinical trials, Mayet offers a comprehensive solution for real-time tracking, advanced analytics, and seamless compliance to ensure the success of your research.

Current Challenges

Challenges of Vendor Management and Oversight for Clinical Trial Sponsors

Surrounded by the challenges of vendor management in clinical trials, Mayet provides a centralised solution to monitor performance, manage risk, and ensure seamless vendor compliance.

Manual Procedures
The absence of automation in the vendor management process causes delays, errors, and lengthens the time required for manual checks.
Inadequate Risk Management
The lack of a robust risk management process increases the likelihood of risks to patient safety and non-compliance with study protocols and regulations.
Decentralised and Inaccurate Data
Clinical Trial Sponsors invest significant resources to ensure management of contracted vendors' data and oversight of their contracted activities meets the regulatory requirements for Sponsor oversight.
Subcontractor Visibility
Inadequate oversight of vendor's subcontractors is a persistent cause of quality issues and non-compliances, which cause delays and risk patient safety and data quality for clinical studies.

Product Tour

How Mayet Software Improves Your Clinical Trial Vendor Management

A proactive approach in clinical trial vendor management, blending robust compliance, operational excellence, and real-time data insights for superior clinical trial delivery.

Vendor Management

Manage all study vendors in one place

Vendor management and oversight records linked with the relevant studies, record and update all activities in one place.

Demonstrate robust Sponsor oversight.
Streamline activities with centralised data.
Vendor list

Risk Management

Enhance Risk Management Activities

Record all risk management and mitigation activities, use custom templates for different vendor types.

Use Risk Management details and scores for strategic decision making.
Identify and evaluate risks against study critical to quality factors.
Risk view

Emerging Risks and Issues

Manage Emerging Risks and Issues from start to finish

Record all emerging vendor related risks and issues including audit findings and quality issues.

Track audit findings and quality issues until completion with automated task workflow.
Use real time analysis of ongoing issues to make better vendor selection decisions.
Audit form

Managing Subcontractors

Subcontractor Oversight

Upload, manage and continually review vendor subcontractor details to demonstrate next level oversight.

Understand subcontractor issues better and conduct remedial actions.
Identify subcontractor exposure through linked records.
Subcontractor Oversight

Process Automation

Automated Task Generation

Never miss a review, CAPA deadline among other activities again. Maintain up-to-date and accurate vendor oversight record.

Auto generated tasks all sent to the correct team members.
Review and action due date reminders.
Automated Task Generation

What Mayet can do for your company

Small Pharma/Biotech

Offering a purpose-built framework that enhances quality, ensures compliance, and maximises operational efficiency.

Mayet's streamlined, intuitive platform reduces costs and administrative load, perfectly suiting the resource limitations of smaller organisations.

Mayet empowers these companies to maintain high standards of quality and efficiency, crucial for their growth and success.

Big Pharma

Mayet stands out as an essential solution for big pharma, tailored to manage the complexities of extensive drug development portfolios.

By harnessing and presenting data to be used by multi-functional teams and seamlessly linking records across multiple projects, Mayet ensures a cohesive and informed vendor management strategy.

Central to its design is a robust compliance framework, addressing the regulatory demands faced by large pharmaceutical companies.


By offering a tailored approach to managing the diverse oversight requirements of each vendor across their study portfolio.

Mayet enables CROs to adopt a more focused strategy for monitoring and quality control, aligned with the unique needs of each study.

This targeted approach elevates the precision of vendor oversight and reduces the operational burden on project teams, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall project efficacy.

What Mayet can do for your teams

Clinical Operations Team

Leverage real-time data and metrics to inform decision-making, enhance collaboration between stakeholders, and improve overall trial performance.

Mayet provides a centralised solution to streamline vendor management, ensuring efficient and compliant clinical trial delivery. It offers real-time insights for informed decision-making, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

With Mayet, teams can easily monitor vendor activities, ensuring quality, managing risks, and adhering to regulatory standards, aligning perfectly to achieve objectives for excellence in clinical trial management.

Quality Assurance Team

Gain insights into vendor performance, enabling robust risk and issue management, enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and increase quality of clinical trial data.

Mayet optimises quality assurance in clinical trials by offering a robust framework for comprehensive vendor management and compliance. It streamlines vendor performance monitoring and ensures adherence to regulatory standards and SOPs.

Real-time data analysis and reporting allow QA teams to address key risks, issues and KPIs, enhancing visibility and efficiency. This simplifies complex processes, supports proactive risk management, and upholds the highest standards of quality in clinical trial operations.

Senior Leadership

Take advantage of holistic organisation wide vendor metrics, proactively identify and address potential issues, save time and resources and increase clinical research quality and compliance.

Mayet offers an essential solution for efficient and effective vendor management. Mayet not only provides insights for strategic decision-making supporting leaders, but also, saves valuable administrative time driving their organisations towards success and innovation.

It streamlines the trial vendor life cycle from onboarding to performance monitoring, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency. This platform is designed to bring innovative drug candidates to market more swiftly while maintaining compliance.

Streamline Vendor Management and
Oversight Activities