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Our research shows poor vendor management is one of the reasons why only 6% of clinical trials are completed on time. Learn how to improve your vendor oversight in our free briefing - 5 Challenges Delaying Market Entry and Costing Millions.

Our research identified a lack of strategic initiative and resource for vendor management and outsourcing oversight - you don’t have bad vendors, you have a leaky system!

78% of our research participant cited internal issues as the root cause of vendor related issues.

Root Causes According to Your Peers

Inadequate Risk Management Strategies.
“Lack of unified oversight means emerging risks and quality issues often go unnoticed until they escalate, causing delays and rework.”
– VP Global Head of Quality
Inadequate Data Analysis and Utilisation.
“We rely on vendors to track issues in their QMS and regularly provide Quality event listings. However, not all comply, leading us to manually compile”
– GCP QA Manager
Ineffective Vendor Compliance Monitoring.
“Notification delays hinder timely resolution, risking regulatory breaches and inspection findings. Severe cases may render data unusable.”
– Ex-Regulatory Inspector

Understanding Your Challenges in Detail

Have you experienced any of these delays or costs? These are just some referenced in Mayet's research.

A CRO unilaterally amends and invoices a new work order on a study, bypassing Sponsor approval and risk assessment of the changes.

Inadequate assessment and management of CRO capacity and capability for site initiation causes a six-month study start-up delay.

Poor Sponsor-Vendor-Subcontractor coordination leads to investigational product waiting in storage due to trial site distribution delays.

Elevate Your Clinical Trial Success:

Insights from the Mayet Briefing

Gain cutting-edge insights and practical tools for transforming your clinical trial vendor management.

Key Takeaways:

In-the-know: Unlock vital industry knowledge on clinical trial costs and vendor challenges.
Research-Backed Solutions: Get first-hand access to Mayet's exclusive research and ready-to-use, effective strategies.
Expert-Led Efficiency: Learn from a seasoned expert to streamline and enhance your vendor management processes.
Mayet Briefing

“Tom and Mayet's insights into clinical trial vendor management are innovative and practical. Their research is set to support the efficiency of vendor oversight in your organisation.”

Chris Shepherd
Chris Shepherd
Former VP of R&D Quality at GSK and Mayet Advisor

“5 Challenges Delaying Market Entry and Costing Millions”

Learn more about the challenges and our proposed solutions and opportunities for improvement through our Clinical Trial Vendor Management Executive Briefing.