Announcement: Mayet Acquires New Advisor

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Published: 2023/08/18 Last updated: 2023/10/31 By: Tom Lazenby

Our New Team Member

We’re excited to announce that Jo Burmester is joining our ranks as an Advisor. This collaboration is a critical step forward in our journey to elevate the clinical trials sector, bringing us unmatched support, knowledge, and guidance.

Jo Burmester is an accomplished Clinical Research Training Consultant, boasting over three decades of enriched experience in the Clinical Trials Sector. Her journey through renowned pharmaceutical companies and CROs such as Glaxo, Lederle, Wellcome, and Quintiles has armed her with an arsenal of expertise that is both vast and versatile.

Jo candidly remarks on Mayet:

“I’m very excited to be a part of Mayet and to support this important initiative. Vendor oversight is a complex process, but is also critical to the success of clinical trials, and ultimately helps get new treatments to patients faster and more safely. Our objective is to help Sponsors by facilitating an effective, risk-based approach to vendor selection, management and oversight, providing confidence in the contracting relationship and the quality of the service provided.”

What does Jo Bring to Mayet?

Clinical Research Best Practices

Jo’s extensive understanding of clinical research best practices will become an important resource for Mayet’s product development. Through her extensive experience in the Clinical Trials Sector, a deep-rooted comprehension of the dynamics and challenges of clinical research means she’s well placed to guide Mayet.

This knowledge will be invaluable in ensuring Mayet’s products not only meet theoretical standards but also resonate with the day-to-day realities faced by clinical research professionals.

Regulatory Knowledge

Jo’s knowledge Clinical Trials Regulation and Guidelines provides Mayet with an edge in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. As regulations and guidelines continue to evolve, having an expert like Jo on board ensures that Mayet’s products will remain compliant, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

This expertise becomes particularly critical in ensuring our products are universally applicable and stand up to rigorous regulatory scrutiny.

Industry Network

Jo’s extensive network in the Clinical Trials Sector is a goldmine for Mayet. Through her connections, we can gain unique insights, foster collaborations, and tap into a reservoir of collective wisdom.

Whether it’s seeking feedback on product prototypes, identifying potential partnership opportunities, or simply staying updated with the pulse of the industry, Jo’s network will be instrumental.

Want to read more about Jo? Here’s a deeper dive into her background:

Jo is a proud pharmacology graduate who stepped into the realm of clinical research in 1987. She embraced roles as a CRA and senior CRA for half a decade before transitioning full-time into clinical research training in 1992.

Since then, she has crafted and imparted clinical research and soft skills training to diverse audiences and even helmed training departments in global organizations.

Her illustrious career has taken her through the hallways of top pharmaceutical corporations and into the CRO universe with organizations like ClinTrials Research. Jo’s global footprint covers both ICH and FDA requirements.

For a memorable 14 years, she co-founded and spearheaded PharmaSchool, collaborating with a spectrum of clients from Pharma and Biotech companies to Medical Charities.

Adding more feathers to her cap, Jo is backed by a Certificate in Training and Development from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She has led modules on the Clinical Research MSc programme at Liverpool John Moore’s University, penned a book on Continuing Professional Development, and is a regular voice at international clinical research conferences.

Jo’s addition to Mayet stands as a testament to our continued commitment to developing a best in segment product dedicated to quality, compliance, and innovation.

Tom Lazenby

Tom is the Founder and CEO of Mayet. Using his experience in streamlining operations and driving innovation in clinical research, Tom is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation strategies for vendor management and oversight.

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