What’s In A Name?

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Published: 2024/05/24 By: Tom Lazenby

Why is our company name “Mayet”?

I have been asked the following question a lot recently at various events and on calls with clients, so I thought it would be best to write it out for everyone.

Choosing the right name for a company is an interesting process. For me it was not just a label but a reflection of what I wanted the company to represent, our values, and our mission. The name we choose can communicate a lot about who we are, what we stand for, and what we aim to achieve.

Many people go through various methods when choosing a company name. Some might opt for a name that sounds catchy or trendy, a name based on personal significance or names that are more functional, describing the services or products.

When I decided to name our company Mayet, after the ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at, I did so with consideration of what our product represents and what we can deliver to our clients. Ma’at embodies truth, justice, balance, and cosmic order—all principles that give meaning to the solution and our objectives at Mayet.

The Legacy of Ma’at:

Ma’at, in ancient Egyptian culture, symbolised the fundamental order of the universe. She represented the principles of balance and harmony, essential for the maintenance of the cosmos. Pharaohs were seen as earthly embodiments of Ma’at, tasked with upholding her values to ensure the prosperity and stability of their realm.
This ancient concept of maintaining balance and order resonates deeply with what I want to achieve with Mayet.

Why Ma’at Matters to Us:

Just as Ma’at was essential for maintaining cosmic order, we aim to bring order and efficiency to the complex world of clinical trials.

Unintended Meanings

Now, let me share a funny anecdote. At a recent conference, I was proudly explaining the name to a colleague over coffee. I was in full flow about Ma’at, truth, justice, and all that profound stuff when the colleague, an Urdu speaker, started laughing. Confused, I asked what was so funny.

He then explained that “Mayet” in Urdu means “dead body.” We both had a good laugh imagining the potential confusion. I could just picture our tagline: “Mayet—bringing order to your trials,” with a rather unintended morbid twist!

Embodying Ma’at’s Principles

When developing our solutions at Mayet, each feature and functionality is designed to reflect these values, ensuring that our software meets industry needs and upholds high standards of integrity and effectiveness.


  • Commitment to truth translates into transparency and clarity in our software solutions. Our tools are designed to provide clear, straightforward processes and communications.
  • This transparency helps our clients and partners by ensuring that all data and activities are visible and easily accessible.
  • Our system eliminates ambiguity, making it easy to track progress, verify compliance, and ensure that all aspects of clinical trials are conducted with transparent access to drive value.


  • Mayet is built to ensure that all stakeholders—pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, Contract Research Organisations (CROs), and Academic Research Organisations (AROs)—can collaborate effectively and equitably.
  • By providing comprehensive oversight tools, we help ensure that everyone involved has equal access to information and resources, facilitating transparent management of trials.
  • Our features are designed to highlight risks and opportunities, promoting a balanced and fair approach to vendor management and collaboration.


  • Mayet brings balance to the management of clinical trials. Our solutions are designed to streamline operations, increasing efficiency without compromising on quality or compliance.
  • We achieve this balance by integrating analytics, automation, and real-time collaboration features, allowing for thorough oversight while minimising the manual workload.
  • Our platform ensures that every aspect of a clinical trial outsourcing is meticulously managed, helping clients maintain the delicate balance between speed and accuracy.


  • Mayet brings structure and organisation to the often complex and chaotic process of managing clinical trial vendors. Our tools and systems are designed to simplify and organise every step.
  • From vendor onboarding and performance tracking to risk management and compliance oversight, our solution ensures that all elements are harmoniously integrated.
  • This organised approach not only makes it easier for our clients to achieve their goals but also enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their clinical trials.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the name Mayet was about honouring an ancient deity; it was about embodying the principles of balance, truth, and order that Ma’at represents. My mission is to bring these values into the modern world of clinical trials, ensuring that they are managed with the precision and harmony that Ma’at herself would uphold. What’s in a name? For me, it’s a commitment to the ideologies that Ma’at represents.

Tom Lazenby

Tom is the Founder and CEO of Mayet. Using his experience in streamlining operations and driving innovation in clinical research, Tom is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation strategies for vendor management and oversight.

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